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Toasting in Limousine

Important Information

Please read all the information carefully in full.

I have over a thousand people collecting dresses this year from me - so please ensure you are booked, organised and understand the process. If there is something you don't understand then contact me via the 'Let's Chat' function below.

I'm sure the pressure is firmly growing in the build up to exams, I hope the girls are all coping well and looking forward to celebrating all their hard work at Prom.


As promised, I wanted to share a plan for the Summer (even if you've bought your dress there is still some info in this for you, so do keep reading!).


Prom Queen Competition

I'm pleased to launch this year's 'Bonvivant Dress Prom Queen' competition, whereby the winner will receive the equivalent of their dress hire fee (£150) back in a cash prize (so it's still open to those who have purchased their dresses!). For more details on the competition, you can find more information here.


Dress Collection

I've created the flowchart at the bottom of the page (but sadly needs viewing on a larger screen like an Ipad / laptop / desktop!). Please take note of these important dates to try and ensure that we smooth out the peak volume days. 


If your prom is:

- before 27th June, book between 1st and 14th June

- on or after 27th June, book between 15th and 30th June 


If you're booking for a group use this link

If you're booking for an individual use this link


IMPORTANT When collecting your dress you will need to leave a security deposit of £150. I only accept Cheque or Cash, I do not accept card payments or bank transfers. If you forget to bring cheque or cash you will sadly not be able to take your dress. 

Dress Return

After Prom please use this link to arrange returning your dress. You do not need to dry clean the dress before bringing it back as it's included in your hire fee. Please make sure that you are returning it with the dress bag and the tagged hanger.


Ideally please arrange dress return for the first two weeks of July (to avoid clashing with dress collections priorities and ensure a seamless experience for everyone).


Wishing all the girls the best of luck with their exams and I can't wait to see all their pics dressed up - eeeek so exciting!!!


If you have any questions at any time then please don't hesitate in reaching out via the 'Let's Chat' function on the website (this then holds the information against your profile, which makes life MASSIVELY easier!)


All the very best, 


Hayley x

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