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By clicking to accept these Terms & Condition I am signing this contract and agree to the following:


  1. I agree to reserve and rent the garment as per my order. The order confirmation will outline a description of the Rented Item, and the Full Retail Price.

  2. The rental period is for four (4) days, including the day when it was taken. I understand that I am responsible for the return of the rented garment within this period. I must notify Bonvivant Dress if I am going to extend the rental time period before the rental time is up.

  3. Date to be taken will be confirmed when you make a booking confirming collection and the date to be returned will be four days after.

  4. If I fail to return the rented garment within the allotted time period, I understand that I will be charged a penalty of £50 on a per day basis. This charge will continue until the gown is returned or the Full Retail Price less the Rental Price is achieved.

  5. Upon choosing my garment, I will pay a refundable security deposit. The security deposit does not form part of the rental fee.  If after the reservation is made and prior to the taking of the garment, I am no longer interested in renting the garment, my security deposit is retained by Bonvivant Dress.

  6. The security deposit is refundable to me after my return of the rented garment less any penalties for late return or damages that will be assessed by Bonvivant Dress upon my return of garment.

  7. Upon collection of the garment, I will pay in full the rental fee as determined by Bonvivant Dress. 

  8. Rented garments will be returned in the same condition that it was given to me.  Any rips, tears or damage to the rented garment will result in a hold of the security deposit until the rented garment is repaired at my expense.  The expense of the repair shall be deducted from the security deposit paid by me.  In case my security deposit is insufficient to cover the expenses, I will pay Bonvivant Dress the excess.  Should the damage be so severe that the rented garment cannot be cleaned or repaired to its original state, I bind myself to pay the Full Retail Price of the rented garment.

  9. Should you decide you would like to purchase your dress after rental, the Rental Fee will be deducted from the Full Retail Price.

  10. The use of any permanent staining tanning products is prohibited. As with any other stains, if a garment is returned with tanning stains, damages will be assessed up to the Full Retail Value of the dress.

  11. Bonvivant Dress does not make any representations or warranties as to the suitability or merchantability of any dress. Bonvivant Dress is not responsible for any wardrobe malfunction and shall not have any liability for damages incurred or arising out of the rental or use of any of our merchandise. All dresses are rented and accepted in their “as-is” condition.

  12. Dry cleaning is included in the cost of the rental. No additional cleaning fees shall be charged unless the dress is returned with stain damage. Any dress which is damaged as a result of cleaning will be charged at its Full Retail Value.

  13. I bind myself to take good care of the rented garment.  I will not spray any perfume on it nor cause any damage to it.

  14. I understand that this contract is legal and binding and I accept all conditions and terms of this agreement.

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